Brown Argyle Contemporary Outfit

         £69.99 to Hire .. £799 to Buy.. details below 


                               £69.99 to Hire ....... £799 to Buy 

                                1. Brown Argyle Contemporary Jacket

                                2. Matching 5 Button Waistcoat.

                                3. High Quality 8Yard 16oz Kilt in your choice of tartan.

                                4. Sporran.

                                5. Dress Belt.

                                6. Ghillie Brogues.

                                7. Kilt Socks.

                                8. Tartan Flashes to match the Kilt.

                                9. Real Sgian Dubh.

                                10.Kilt Pin.

                                11.Victorian Shirt (black or white).

                                12.Ruche Cravat.

                                13.High quality "Outfit Carry Bag" (WORTH £20)

*ONLINE BONUS* We are now adding both Black AND White shirts, 3 colours of socks, and 3 colours of Ruche Tie to this purchase deal, to allow you to rotate your look .... At no extra cost !!!